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UNITY Digital Lenses: Tailored to Your Unique Visual Needs

Unity offers high-quality progressive lenses, single vision lenses, computer vision lenses and performance coating.

UNITY® Performance Optics

UNITY Performance Optics provide high-quality, digital lenses and premium coatings for every lifestyle. We use the latest technology to customize your lenses to your unique visual needs.

With UNITY digital lenses, your prescription will be tailored not only to your eyes’ corrective needs but also to your frame and how your glasses fit your face. UNITY has an array of lens and coating options for your lifestyle.

UNITY Single Vision Lenses

What are single vision lenses? If you wear lenses with one prescription, you have what’s called “single-vision” lenses. If you have bifocals or more than one prescription in your lenses, you will want to read the UNITY Progressive Lenses section below.

Digital UNITY single vision lenses compared to traditional single vision lenses.

See the world in high-definition. UNITY single vision lenses use sophisticated digital lens design technology to give you the most natural and clear vision with exceptional comfort. In fact, UNITY lenses can increase your field of vision up to 20% more than traditional lenses.

UNITY Single Vision Lenses

  • Deliver premium clarity
  • Expand fields of vision
  • Deliver a more precise prescription than traditional lenses
  • Fit in all frames, including frames that wrap around your face (like some sunglasses)

UNITY Progressive Lenses

What are progressive lenses? If you have bifocals or multiple viewing zones in your lenses (for example, you have trouble seeing both near and far away objects), you need what’s called a progressive lens. If you have only one prescription in your lenses, take a look at the UNITY Single Vision section above.

UNITY progressive lenses compared to traditional progressive lenses.

See the world in high-definition. UNITY progressive lenses are the latest in digital free-form technology. They provide clear vision at any distance and without any sacrifices.

UNITY Progressive Lenses

  • Deliver smooth transition between near, middle, and distance viewing for optimal vision at any distance
  • Eliminate the distracting lines separating your near and distance prescriptions
  • Deliver a more precise prescription than traditional lenses
  • Customize your reading vision zone
  • Fit nearly every frame, including frames that wrap around your face (like some sunglasses)

Save now!
As a VSP member, you can use your benefits to save up to 50%* on UNITY® Progressive Lenses. Ask your VSP doctor about UNITY at your next appointment.

*Varies by plan and purchase selection; savings determined after benefits are applied. Available only through VSP network doctors to VSP members with applicable plan benefits.

UNITY Computer Vision Lenses

What are computer vision lenses? If you spend more than two hours a day in front of a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you’re a great candidate for computer vision lenses, which are available in both single vision and progressive lens styles.

Nearly 70% of people experience some form of eyestrain while using digital devices. UNITY lenses are here to help.

UNITY Computer Vision Lenses

  • Provide optimal vision and comfort
  • Reduce eyestrain and fatigue
  • Sharpen contrast and reduce glare

Read more below about how to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted from the screens of your computer and digital devices.

UNITY Blue Light Protection

What is blue light? Blue light is a high-energy portion of visible light emitted by today’s digital devices and energy efficient lighting. Research has linked blue light exposure to serious vision and health effects. With the ever-increasing rate of device usage, protecting your eyes has never been more important.

Read more about blue light protection.

UNITY Performance Coatings

What are performance coatings? Sometimes referred to as an "anti-reflective coating," performance coatings help enhance and protect your new lenses from glare, scratches and smudges.

Don’t let scratches and smudges ruin your new glasses. Get the best protection for your lenses by adding a UNITY Performance Coating.

Uncoated lens compared to UNITY Performance Coatings.

UNITY Performance Coatings:

  • Reduce glare and reflections. Let people see the real you, not the reflection of the lights above. This also improves night driving and even eliminates those annoying reflections of your own eyes.
  • Lessen smudges and scratches. Most lenses can scratch easily, especially if you’re rough on them. Protect your lenses for everyday wear to extend their life.
  • Clean easily. Accidentally got a fingerprint on your lens? One quick wipe will take care of it.
  • Provide complete UV protection. Available with UVR Technology to reduce UV reflections from surfaces like sidewalks and windows. Simply add any UNITY Performance Coating to your lenses and you'll get UNITY UVR Technology for FREE.
Save now!
With your VSP benefit, you can save up to 40% on a UNITY Performance Coating, making it a great choice for your vision and your wallet.