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Unity® Via OfficePro

Unity Via OfficePro Lenses are designed for the daily needs of the workplace. With a larger section of the lens dedicated to your near and intermediate-distance vision, these task-oriented lenses help improve visual performance, reduce eye strain, and alleviate ergonomic discomfort in the office.

Optimized for the Workplace

For the same reason soccer shoes aren’t ideal for playing ice hockey, your progressive lenses aren’t optimal for the workplace. One pair doesn’t fit all.

Progressive lenses are designed to provide optimal vision at all distances. But if you’re a progressive lens wearer who uses a computer for a good portion of your day, you might find yourself straining your eyes and moving your head up, down, left, and right to get your monitor, paperwork, or a whiteboard into focus.

Unity Via OfficePro is specifically designed for those types of tasks, making clear, comfortable vision at work effortless.

Unity Via OfficePro Benefits

  • Reduced eye strain
  • Improved visual performance
  • Improved ergonomic comfort
  • Improved productivity

5 and 10 for the 9 to 5

Unity Via OfficePro is available in two viewing options optimized for the most common daily needs of the workspace:

Unity Via OfficePro 5 ft. – Perfect if you spend five to eight hours a day switching your eyes between your monitor and your desk.

Unity Via OfficePro 10 ft. – Ideal if your daily routine includes computer work and shifting between your office chair and conference rooms or other areas where you’ll need a little more distance.

Ask your VSP eye doctor about Unity Via OfficePro.

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