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TechShield Blue provides protection from blue-light emitting devices.

Enjoy Your Devices without Digital Eye Strain

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of digital life with less of the drawbacks. TechShield™ Blue is a next-generation anti-reflective coating that reduces your blue light exposure from digital screens, energy-efficient lighting, and the sun.

Blue light from smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors can contribute to digital eye strain in as little as two hours of screen time. But you don’t have to go off the grid to avoid dry, tired, irritated eyes, and blurred vision.

Enhancing your lenses with TechShield Blue helps you combat digital eye strain, allowing you to continue enjoying everything your devices deliver – minus the full blast of blue light.

Benefits Beyond Blue Light Reduction

Look Better
Appearance matters. TechShield Blue’s attractive, near-clear appearance allows you to defend your eyes without compromising your looks.

Nearly 1/3 of Americans spend at least 9 hours a day exposed to blue light from devices.

Get protection from blue-light emitting devices.

See Better
It’s hard to take everything in when you can’t see past your nose. TechShield Blue resists scratches and smudges, cleans easily, and inhibits distracting glare and reflections.

Perform Better
By reducing blue light associated with digital eye strain, TechShield Blue allows you to spend more time taking care of business and less time nursing your eyes.

Feel Better
Peace of mind is priceless. Rest easier knowing you and those closest to you are taking in less blue light at work, school, home, and everywhere in between.

Discover What Makes TechShield Blue Tick

Ask your eye doctor for more details on how TechShield Blue can help you connect confidently.


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