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VSP's Fraud Watch Program

Health care fraud and abuse is rapidly becoming one of the most widespread and expensive crimes committed in the United States today. It affects the health of thousands of patients and the financial stability of numerous health care companies.

VSP has addressed this issue by creating a robust Fraud, Waste and Abuse program and by becoming a member of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA).

To further meet our responsibility in preventing this crime, VSP is educating our employees and business partners on the indicators of fraud, the most common of which involve a false statement or deliberate omission of information involving patient care or benefits.

Some examples of potential health care fraud and abuse include:

  • Waiving deductibles and copayments
  • Duplicate billing
  • Billing for services/materials not received
  • The use of a member's unused benefits for someone else
  • Exaggerating services/materials received
  • Altering medical records or amounts charged on financial documents
  • Using unqualified and/or uncredentialed personnel to perform services
  • Submitting false information to obtain coverage

How to Report Suspected Fraud and Abuse

You can help report suspected incidents of health care fraud or abuse by calling the toll-free VSP Fraud Watch Hotline at 1.800.877.7236 or via e-mail at All reports of suspected fraud and abuse made to VSP are highly confidential. You also have the choice to remain completely anonymous.


If you have received a purported VSP business check under the guise of a questionable Internet business transaction, employment opportunity, ”Mystery Shopper” solicitation, or to collect lottery winnings, it may be a situation in which an unknown person (not VSP nor connected with us) is attempting to defraud you. See the VSP Check Fraud Warning for more information.