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Eye Makeup Trends To Follow

Make your eyes look stunning with the latest makeup trends. You'll only need a few tools, a bit of time, and this list to get the look that will make your eyes sparkle for every occasion.

Golden Shimmer
Start with a soft pink shadow and apply on the upper and lower lids. Accent with a gold shimmery shadow on the inner half of the bottom lash line for a dazzling party-ready look.

Barely There
Apply a pale ivory shade all over the upper and lower lid, then a soft pink shade over the crease. Use a grey liner on the upper and lower lash lines and smudge.

Magnificently Mismatched
Use a bronze eye shadow on the lower lid and a gray shadow on the upper lid. Line the outside of the lash lines with a black or dark grey liner and smudge a bit. For a more neutral look, experiment with a more subtle shadow color.

Smoky Eyes
Choose darker, neutral colors and start by lining the top and bottom lids with black liner. Line outside of your lashes to keep your eyes infection free. Smudge the liner in the outer corners of your eyes and apply eye shadow over your eyeliner to soften the look. To finish smoky eyes, apply the eye shadow all over your eyelids and apply mascara.

The Best Color Choice for Your Eye Color

Green Eyes
Go for a purple shadow—but keep it sheer. A deep purple liner is perfect to make your eyes stand out.

Blue Eyes
Find a warm copper, gold, or rich brown shadow. A dark chocolate eye liner will make those baby blues pop.

Brown Eyes
Try a blue or green shadow—use cooler tones. Opt for a deep green liner to enhance your eyes.

Frames to Complement Your Eye Color

  • Blue eyes can be contrasted with brown frames that’ll help your eyes pop!
  • Green eyes are complemented well by fun colors in the plum family.
  • Brown & hazel eyes can benefit from a matching tortoise frame; this will deepen your eye color.

Now that you’re all set with the latest eye makeup trends, head to Eyeconic and find the right pair of eyeglasses to enhance your beautiful eyes.