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Hedy Lamarr Smart Glasses Frame Design

Introducing next generation glasses with built-in activity tracking technology.

Level is wearable technology.

Say hello to Level—the latest in smart glasses from VSP. Level seamlessly integrates activity-tracking technology into a fashion accessory you already wear every day, your glasses. VSP is currently rolling out Level in select markets across the United States.

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Level is affordable.

As a VSP member, you have access to new eyewear at the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Using your vision benefits to purchase Level smart glasses is easy: just let your eye doctor know that you have VSP coverage, and they'll take care of the rest.*

Level is innovative.

VSP is always looking for ways to bring you the very latest in eyewear technology. Sometimes that means we end up creating new technology ourselves, which is how Level was born. Intrigued?

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Track your progress with the Level app.

*Level is treated like a standard optical frame using your VSP frame allowance. You'll get 20% off any amount over your allowance, depending on your plan.