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VSP Disaster Relief Program Commits to Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

VSP® Vision Care wants to help those affected by natural disasters. We are implementing our disaster outreach communication to employees, members, benefit managers and doctors in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Additionally, we're working with relief agencies, including the American Red Cross, to assess all situations and fulfill the eyecare needs of those directly affected. To ensure quality eyecare is available to everyone during this time of need, VSP Global companies are committing up to $1 million in products, services and additional support.

As part of our efforts:

  • Any VSP member who has lost or broken their eyewear due to natural disasters can call (or have their doctor call) our Member Services Support Line at 800.877.7195 to have their VSP benefits reinstated regardless of eligibility.
  • Do you have a friend, family member or neighbor who needs help? Individuals without VSP coverage can contact their local American Red Cross chapter and request a VSP eyecare voucher to obtain services and eyewear at no cost to them.

If you have a VSP doctor who has been directly impacted by a natural disaster and is in need of support to continue providing services, please have them call the VSP Disaster Outreach Team at 800.852.7600, x7373.

To learn more about our outreach programs, visit