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Health Conditions that Affect Vision

Blurry Vision or High Blood Pressure?
Here’s how one patient learned a lifesaving diagnosis from a routine eye exam. Blurry vision brought him in; high blood pressure finally got his attention.

Contact Lens Malfunction? Vision Problem Masks Stroke
When a patient came in complaining of contact lenses suddenly going blurry, one veteran optometrist knew immediately to look for something more serious.

Diabetes Discovery – Via the Eyes
Eye doctors can easily be the first to see signs of diabetes – through their patients’ eyes. In this case, the patient had no idea she had the disease, until her optometrist spotted it during a routine eye exam.

Do Hormones Affect Vision?
As hormone levels change, especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, eyesight often changes with them.

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Hypertension and Your Eyes: The Connection
Hypertension can lead to life-altering effects, including blindness. A VSP network eye doctor can detect high blood pressure just by looking at the blood vessels in the eye and offer treatment to help prevent vision loss.

Heed the Warning; What Eye-Related Symptoms Can Tell Us
Sometimes, we experience an eye-related symptom that's actually a sign of a problem not related to the eyes at all. Find out which ones could signal a serious condition or disease.

Migraine Misery and Your Eyes
Migraine pain is like no other. It affects a lot of people – over 25 million Americans alone. Eye doctors can help combat the little-known visual effects of the painful problem.

Sudden Vision Loss Signals Sick Arteries
Eyes are our windows to overall health. They can also help signal serious medical problems before it’s too late. One patient found out all about that – on the green.

An Annual Eye Exam Reveals Cancer
Hal could have lost his eye, or his life, if he hadn't made an annual visit to his eye doctor. Just by looking at the eye, a VSP network eye doctor knew something was wrong.

Women and Eye Health Risks
Many eye conditions affect both men and women, but women are more likely to suffer from eye diseases and health conditions, like breast cancer, that affect their vision.

Signs of Influenza Seen through the Eyes
Did you know an eye exam can reveal early signs of the flu? Along with these other tips on fighting flu symptoms, an eye exam will give you a headstart on beating this common virus.