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For more than 25 years, Flexon's titanium-nickel alloy formula has blended technology and style to become the top-selling ophthalmic brand in the country. Ask your doctor about Flexon prescription frames when you use your VSP benefits.

What is Flexon?
Flexon's titanium-nickel alloy returns to its original shape when bent and is remarkably resistant to scratches and dents.

How was it discovered?
In 1961, U.S. Naval scientists discovered that the alloy they were creating for missile heat shields automatically returned to its shape after being bent and hit with a hammer. In 1988, the first Flexon patent is issued.

What does it look like?
Flexon's legacy continues today with updates to the beloved Icon 600 Series as well as the launch of the Evolution Series with two new concepts: Parallel Universe and Laser Precision:

Icon 600
History has proven the 600 series is the benchmark against similar offerings and remains the iconic memory metal eyewear. New for 2014 are the must-see Benjamin, Theodore, and Abraham models.

Evolution — NEW!

  • Parallel Universe: Two streamlined bars run alongside one another, creating a minimalist framework that represents both strength and structure.
  • Laser Precision: A laser process cuts fine diagonal lines along the dark matte surface of the temples, revealing a lighter base color beneath.