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The dos and don'ts of fake eyelashes

Wondering how you can spice up your makeup routine for that special night out? Try fake eyelashes. Bringing a little extra dose of drama, these lovely lashes will definitely grab some glances. But be careful! Poorly applied false eyelashes can ruin your ensemble. Here are some dos and don'ts to help you achieve that luscious lash look.


  • Brush your real lashes first, before curling them. This will help to volumize your lashes, both real and false, and make the whole lash application process easier as well.
  • Put false lashes as close to your real ones as possible. Eyelashes that creep up onto your eyelids are a no-no.
  • Know the shape of your eyes. False lashes should never look awkward or forced. Be true to your eyes and let the lashes complement, not complicate, them.
  • Measure the length of your fake lashes before applying, and adjust accordingly with scissors.
  • Use a good quality glue. Research the brands before you buy them.
  • Rinse your eyes out immediately if you accidentally get glue in them.
  • Apply mascara and eye shadow to even out your look.


  • Be hasty — this takes time! The reward will be well worth the effort if you take the time to apply lashes the right way.
  • Wait to place lashes onto your lash line until the glue has firmed up a bit. This will prevent them from sliding around and will save you some frustration.
  • Get lashes that are too long for your eyes. You don't want them attacking your eyebrows!
  • Yank them off. Instead, use eye makeup remover, and gently separate the false lashes from the real ones.
  • Put them on at different angles; they should be as symmetrical as possible. No one wants to see that perpetual wink!
  • Leave them on for longer than a day. Ideally, remove the false lashes before you go to sleep the same day you apply them.
  • Continue to use false lashes if you find they irritate your eyes. Your eye safety is most important.

If you follow these tips and the directions that come with your set of fake lashes, you should be on your way to a fashionable night out. And don't forget to include a confident air and elegant step to top off those stunning lashes!