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Shape your brows like a pro

Great eyebrows frame your eyes and give your entire face a more polished look. Fuller, face-framing brows flatter most face shapes and they're all the rage right now. But before you grab the tweezers, check out some tips the pros use to achieve the perfect arches!

Tip #1

Use a pencil. For a polished look, grab a pencil and get your brows in line.

  • First, determine where your brow should start by lining up a pencil along the outermost side of your nostril and the inner corner of your eye.
  • Next, find the arch of your brows by looking straight ahead and holding the pencil along the outside edge of your nose and the outside edge of your iris. The peak of your arch should be where the top of the pencil hits your brow.
  • Finally, figure out where your brows should end by angling the pencil along the outermost side of your nose and the outermost side of your eye. Your brow should end should no further than 45 degrees from the outer corner of your eye.

Tip #2

Tweeze with caution. Choose the right tweezers to remove any hairs that are outside your desired brow line. Use sharp tweezers that are slanted to avoid pinching skin. Try tweezing after your shower to lessen the pain—the hair follicles are open and hairs are soft and slide out more easily.

Tip #3

Fill 'em in. If you have lighter brows, an easy trick is to fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil or powder. Make sure to select a shade that's close to your natural color or just a tad darker. Follow the direction of the hair as you fill them in, and then simply tweeze away any obvious outliers for shapely brows.

Tip #4

Keep 'em in place. After you've shaped and darkened your brows the way you like, apply brow gel or clear mascara. The brush will smooth the hairs down, and the gel or mascara will keep unruly eyebrows in place all day long.