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Eye Exams and Why They’re Important

8 Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam
If you experience any of these changes in your vision, schedule an eye exam. Yearly eye exams alone may not be enough to detect certain vision problems.

Are Annual Eye Exams Really Necessary?
It's easy to take your eyes for granted and not notice a problem with your vision, but an eye exam can help your doctor detect problems before you realize they exist.

Parts of The Human Eye
Each part of the eye has a distinct function that is crucial to keeping your vision clear. Learn what each part does.

What Do Your Eyes Say About Your Health?
Just by looking at your eyes, a VSP doctor can detect early signs of serious health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer.

Eye Exam 101
Although it's called an exam, a careful check of your eyes and vision shouldn’t cause memories of testing nightmares from school. Here’s a quick primer on what to expect at your all-important annual eye exam.

The Importance of an Eye Exam by Age
Eye exams are an important part of maintaining your eye health, no matter how old you are. Find out why.

Are Vision Problems Causing Learning Problems for Your Child?
If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, rule out a vision problem first. As one family found, the two can go hand in hand.

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Optician, Optometrist, or Ophthalmologist: Which Do You Need to See?
Do you know the difference between an optician, an optometrist, and an ophthalmologist? Learn the role each can play in keeping your eyes healthy.

Planning Your Eye Doctor Visit
These tips will help you get the most out of your next visit to the eye doctor’s. Learn how to prepare, what to bring, what to ask, and when to schedule a follow up appointment.

Retinal Imaging Offers a Better View and Early Detection
During a retinal exam, your eye doctor will take high-resolution pictures of the inside of your eye to identify any potential or existing vision and health problems.

Three Easy Steps to Comfortable Contact Lenses
Make sure your road to contact lens comfort includes these three important steps, brought to you by an eye care professional.

Understanding My Eye Prescription
Make sense of all those letters and numbers in your prescription. It's not as complicated as you may think.

What's the Difference Between an Eye Exam and a Contact Lens Exam?
Eye exams for contact lens wearers are different from your average eye exam. If you wear or want contact lenses, learn why getting both exams is necessary.