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Discover expert advice on fashion and beauty for your eyes.

What Gives Eyes Their Color?

Find out common eye color myths, what causes eye color to change and which eye colors are more susceptible to sun damage.

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Save Your Eyesight by Wearing Sunglasses

Sunlight can permanently damage your eyes. Sunglasses are your best defense against overexposure to UV radiation. Learn what to consider when buying sunglasses to get the maximum protection.

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Fashion & Beauty

What's to Blame for Your Under Eye Bags?

Bags under eyes are a very common problem. Find out what the main causes of under eye bags are and learn how you can diminish the puffiness.

Eye-Popping Makeup Trends

Add some extra sparkle to your eyes with these fun makeup tips. Choosing eye makeup based on your eye color is a great way to highlight your unique features.

Flatter Your Features with Fashionable Eyeglass Frames

Finding the right eyeglasses for your face shape is an art. Check out these hints on how to find eyeglass frames that complement your facial features.

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Learn about what happens during eye exams and why they are important.

8 Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam

If you experience any of these changes in your vision, schedule an eye exam. Yearly eye exams alone may not be enough to detect certain vision problems.

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Anatomy of the Eye

Each part of the eye has a distinct function that is crucial to keeping your vision clear. Learn what each part does.

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Eye Exams

Retinal Imaging Offers a Better View and Early Detection

During a retinal exam, your eye doctor will take high-resolution pictures of the inside of your eye to identify any potential or existing vision and health problems.

Three Easy Steps to Comfortable Contact Lenses

Make sure your road to contact lens comfort includes these three important steps, brought to you by an eye care professional.

Understanding Your Prescription

Make sense of all those letters and numbers in your prescription. It's not as complicated as you may think.

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Eye Care Articles with Expert Advise

A Brief Look at Correctable Vision Problems

Many common vision problems are correctable with the help of an eye care professional and a prescription for corrective lenses.

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Keep Your Sight Sharp at Every Age

With age comes a larger risk of eye disease. Find out about the eras of your eyes to keep your eyes sharp no matter what your age.

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Common Eye Problems

Combat Computer Vision Syndrome

Learn six easy things you can do to help minimize the impact of Computer Vision Syndrome.

How Do I Soothe My Dry Eyes?

Understanding the causes and symptoms of dry eyes is the first step toward treating them. These useful tips should help ease your dry eyes.

Crossed Eyes (strabismus)

Being cross eyed is not the same as having a lazy eye, but these conditions can be related. Both appear most often in young children and can often be fixed if treated in time.

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Learn about Eye Diseases and how they can be prevented.

4 Ways to Prevent Cataracts at Any Age

Lifestyle adjustments can help prevent cataracts. No matter what your age, if you follow these four tips, you can help prevent cataracts or slow their development.

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Vision Problems: Another Reason to Stop Smoking

Add a host of vision problems to the list of reasons to stop smoking. From cataracts to irritated eyes, smoking is to blame for several eye problems.

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Eye Diseases

Gaining on Glaucoma: Detection and Treatment

Glaucoma affects millions of people and can cause vision loss. Yet, there's good news – early detection, coupled with new treatments, are helping gain ground on the condition.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an age-related eye condition that damages central vision. Early detection and prevention of vision loss is possible with yearly eye exams.

Diabetic Macular Edema

Diabetic macular edema occurs because of leaking blood vessels in the macula, part of the retina. Pressure from the accumulating fluid damages the retina and can lead to blindness.

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Learn about Health Conditions that may affect your vision.

Blurry Vision or High Blood Pressure?

Here’s how one patient learned a lifesaving diagnosis from a routine eye exam. Blurry vision brought him in; high blood pressure finally got his attention.

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Hypertension and Your Eyes: The Connection

Hypertension can lead to life-altering effects, including blindness. A VSP eye doctor can detect high blood pressure just by looking at the blood vessels in the eye and offer treatment to help prevent vision loss.

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Health Conditions

Heed the Warning; What Eye-Related Symptoms Can Tell Us

Sometimes, we experience an eye-related symptom that's actually a sign of a problem not related to the eyes at all. Find out which ones could signal a serious condition or disease.

Diabetes Discovery – Via the Eyes

Eye doctors can easily be the first to see signs of diabetes – through their patients' eyes. In this case, the patient had no idea she had the disease, until her optometrist spotted it during a routine eye exam.

Migraine Misery and Your Eyes

Migraine pain is like no other. It affects a lot of people – over 25 million Americans alone. Eye doctors can help combat the little-known visual effects of the painful problem.

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Eye Care for Adults and Seniors

Eyes: 15 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Them

Explore little known facts about your eyes like how often you blink, the age at which you start producing tears, and why eye transplants aren't possible--yet.

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Seniors’ Sight: Yearly Checkups a Must

With age comes more conditions – visual and otherwise. An eye care doctor shares info about some of the conditions most often caught and treated in annual eye exams.

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Eye Care for Adults & Seniors

Top 5 Eye Questions Asked by Men

From eyewear for sports to improving night vision, VSP answers men's frequently asked questions about eye health and eyewear.

Cataracts: Common Condition, Quick Correction

Americans are living longer, but our eyes don’t always keep up. Cataracts happen to almost everyone of a certain age. But, surgery to remove them is easy and quick.

Tears–No Crying Matter

Tears are made up of three layers, change chemically depending on their purpose, and decrease in quantity as we age.

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Learn how to prevent eye injury and protect your vision.

Fact or Fiction: 5 Common Eye Myths Get Debunked

Your mother said not to sit too close to the TV because it would hurt your eyes. Find out whether she was right—and get answers to other crazy eye myths.

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How to Prevent Eye Injuries in a Hazardous Workplace

Thousands of eye injuries occur each day. Learn how to prevent workplace eye injuries and the importance of safety eyewear.

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Eye Protection

Safety Glasses for Work, Home & Play

Make the safety of your eyes a priority whether you’re at work, home or at play. From high-impact polycarbonate frames and lenses to fashionable goggles and wraps, safety glasses will prevent eye injuries.

Treat Common Eye Injuries the Right Way

More than 40% of eye injuries occur during activities at home. Find out how to protect your eyes and learn what to do if you experience an injury.

Guide to Prescription Sports Eyewear

Did you know protective eyewear is available with prescription lenses? Read this guide before shopping for sports-related eyeglasses, sunglasses and protective eyewear.

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Eye Care for Babies, Kids and Teens

How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses

Over one in five school-age kids have vision problems. A children's eye care specialist gives the low-down on what to look for – and what to do.

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All in the Family? A Primer on Genes and Vision Problems

Will your child need glasses just like mom? Genes can play a big role in vision problems, but they’re not the only player. A pediatric eye care expert weighs in on the subject.

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Eye Care for Babies, Kids & Teens

Eye Exam Leads to Life-Saving Diagnosis for Little Boy

Could a routine eye exam reveal something even a brain scan missed? This one did. The results? A healthy, happy nine-year-old boy with a renewed promise for a healthy life.

Getting Kids Ready for Their Eye Doctor Visit

If you do your homework, your children may actually look forward to their eye exam. Learn what you can do as a parent to help your children enjoy trips to the eye doctor.

School-Age Kids Need More Than Vision Screenings

10 million kids in America have vision problems that traditional school vision screenings can overlook. An eye care expert shares advice for parents.

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Learn how fitness and nutrition can protect your vision.

Exercise Your Way to Healthier Eyes

Regular exercise is good for your eyes, and there are plenty of fun ways to get moving. Decrease your risk for glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration with exercise.

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Eating for Healthy Vision

Every time you choose or prepare food, you hold your health in your hand – including your eye health. An expert shares some advice on what foods and nutrients are especially vision friendly.

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Fitness & Nutrition

Healthy Snacking (PDF)

These healthy and tasty snack options will keep your figure in check and your taste buds happy. Don't let snacking ruin your fitness plan.

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