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6 spooky stunts that won't wreck your eyes

Last month we asked you what you can do with your eyes, and winking and crossing your eyes made up 75% of the responses. With this and Halloween in mind, check out this list of stunts that will pack some spooky surprises into your eyes.

Blink a lot. Blinking can ease eye strain and lubricate your eyes to prepare for more eye fun later. Jeffrey Ahrns, OD, a VSP doctor at Primary EyeCare Associates in Sidney, OH says, "It's easy to forget to blink especially if you are in front of a computer or digital device for a long time. Make a note to blink more, and your eyes will thank you."

Wink at a stranger. Beware—you might receive a quizzical look in return.

Stare at an object in someone else’s grocery basket while you wait in line, and see if they greet your ghoulish glance.

Cross both eyes or try crossing just one by staring at one of the two images you see when you cross both eyes. While some say this is harmful to your eye health, Dr. Ahrns says, "crossing your eyes momentarily is fine; just avoid crossing them for extended periods of time to prevent eye strain or damage."

Alternate quickly between lifting your right and left eyebrows. Use this on trick-or-treaters as your "trick," but don't forget to hand them their treat!

Roll your eyes. Again, try this with the kids, but be sure to hold onto something to keep your balance and don't keep your eyes rolling for too long.

If you experience pain or discomfort at any time while engaging in these fun, spooky stunts, stop! "If it hurts, don't do it! Making a funny face is never worth the laugh when your eye health is on the line," says Dr. Ahrns. And if you're blinking more than usual and not on purpose, consult your VSP doctor because this could be a sign of a more serious issue.

So as you are waiting in line to buy your Halloween goodies or handing them out to the costumed kids, try one or two of these tricks, but remember that the wellbeing of your eyes is your top priority!