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What Every Guy Should Consider When Selecting a Frame

That’s the mantra for fashion devotees. But you don’t need to be an expert in fashion to find sunglasses that look good on you. Anyone can feel intimidated by fashion, but Eyeconic makes it simple, with suggestions and tips to narrow down the many styles to the ones that would work best for your style.

4 Factors

There are 4 things to get you started on finding the perfect frame:

1. Face Shape – Is your face round, oval, square, or heart-shaped?

2. Skin Tone – Choose the shade closest to your skin coloring.

• Cool – fair

• Warm – golden, light tan tones

• Neutral – olive; a blend of Warm and Dark

• Dark – deep brown or tan

3. Lifestyle – What kind of activities do you most engage in? Active, Quiet, Gamer, Family

4. Personal Style – How would you describe yourself? Bold, Understated, Trendsetter, Professional

Click through the choices on to have frames selected for you based on your answers. Then you can do a virtual try-on on yourself or a model to see what look most appeals to you.

Eyeconic makes fashion simple, so you can feel good.